Wim Van Houts

Software solution design & Architecture

Company kiwi78 bv, VAT ID BE 0688.940.223

Lindenlaan 63C, 9120 Beveren, Belgium


First and before all, I'm an active father of three, and a husband to a magnificent woman.

Next to that, my greatest hobby is gathering new knowledge and combine this in a creative way to generate new ideas and solutions, and this in as many different fields as I possibly can. This is what I believe the true meaning of being an engineer, and what I love doing. Of course, being an engineer in electronics and informatics, this field is where my main expertize comes from.

I'm co-founder of XQTING, a company that offers a variaty of software services, such as design of custom highly available and highly scalable integrations, software integrations (implementing the last link between business application), advise and auditing, and many more. Visit http://www.xqting.com for more information.

I'm co-founder of Splitvice, a tool to manage strategy and planning of complex project portfolios. Visit http://splitvice.com to see what it's about.

Finally, I also have my own personal business where I help a number of local companies with their daily IT needs. This way, I encounter a lot of business that again give me plenty of new ideas te help them or other people.

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Lindenlaan 63C, 9120 Beveren Belgium

Wim Van Houts
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